We believe in making the complex world of machine learning and mechatronics simple.

Sentient Mechatronics ("Sentimech") was founded with the intention of providing advanced manufacturing and general applications of robotics to industry. Bringing together a group of people with the like minded intiative to merge traditional mechanical systems with emerging machine learning technologies.

The formation of this company is a thesis in rebuilding industrial capabilities in nations with a high standard of living and to bring similar growth and wealth to struggling nations. It is imperative that together we actively seek innovative solutions and resist stagnation

We provide a first choice to customers because we are lean, having less than 15 team members per speciality, and develop close relationships with complimentary members in our client organizations. Companies choose to use our specialized response team to consult and build for their needs because of our reliablity and succinct innovations. 

Our company is proud to be a customer focused, service oriented organization, forming alliances with industry to provide innovative solutions. Our application specific solutions help industries streamline their business & deliver the highest value to their clients. 

Robotics is built upon machine learning and mechatronics which remain a specialized challenge for many companies, but rather developing their own team. Clients choose to use our professionals for their needs. Each of our members are young, highly experienced, individuals striving to be future leaders by developing their skills at SentiMech.

Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company, determined, driven, and aware of our limitless potential to grow. Implementation of machine learning and mechatronics are difficult challenges with many competitors in the space, but with the right talent and grit we prevail.


Shape your future project with experienced designers and reliable engineering.
Roy is the Founder and CEO of "Sentimech", which he started in his Toronto apartment in 2016. In the past, Roy spent many days cold calling potential businesses in Ontario to offer his specialized skillset and keen acumen. He acted as the sole engineer, architect, and support representative for clients. In addition to running the company and maintaining the vision, he remains an active member of the team, diving deep into technical challenges.